Hot Dog Eating Contest

Sponsored by the Mukilteo Lions Club

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Official Rules

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Entry fee is $20.
  • Contestants may not touch the hot dogs until the starting signal
  • Only entire hot dogs eaten will be counted (An entire hot dog includes the bun)
  • Contestants will have 3 minutes to down all the hot dogs they can handle
  • Contestants will be provided two bottles of water during contest
  • Buns and hot dogs may be separated, dunked or mangled. All portions of the hot dog (including bun) must be eaten
  • When the 3-minute time limit is up contestants may not put any additional hot dogs or buns in their mouths. They will then have 20 seconds to swallow what is in their mouths.
  • Any contents remaining in contestant’s mouths at the end of the 20 seconds will not be counted (1 hot dog will be deducted from total)
  • Partially eaten hot dogs will not be counted except in the case of a tie
  • Visible signs of sickness will result in disqualification

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