Parade Results

2013 Grand Parade Awards

Marching Band: 1st Place: Kamiak High School Show Band, 2nd Place: Harbour Pointe Middle School Marching Band

Baton/Drill Team: 1st Place: Knights Select Cheer

Float: 1st Place: City of Mukilteo, 2nd Place: Alki Deep, 3rd Place: Everett Rainbow Girls

Motorized-Community: 1st Place: Keystone Kops, 2nd Place: Mukilteo YMCA

Motorized Commercial: 1st Place: Ronald McDonald, 2nd Place: Cactus Jacks Pizza

Specialty Commercial: 1st Place: Jazzercise, 2nd Place: Oxy Gene, Community Transit, 3rd Place: Ivars Dancing Clam

Specialty Community: 1st Place: Gymagine Gymnastics, 2nd Place: Pirates of Treasure Island, 3rd Place: KZOK Haunted Nightmare

2012 Grand Parade Awards

Dance/Drill Team School: 1st: Jackson High School Dance Team
Baton/Drill Team Commercial: 1st: Knights Select Cheer, 2nd: Northside Drill Team
Band Middle School: 1st: Harbour Pointe Middle School Marching Band
Band High School: 1st: Kamiak High School Show Band
Commercial Float: 1st: Tulalip Resort Casino
Community Float: 1st: Lighthouse Cooperative, 2nd: City of Mukilteo
Motorized Community: 1st: Mukilteo YMCA
Motorized Commercial: 1st: Cactus Jacks Pizza, 2nd: Hogland House, 3rd: Traxx Indoor Racing
Specialty/Novelty Commercial: 1st: Jazzercise, 2nd: Oxy Gene/Community Transit, 3rd: Ivars Dancing Clam
Specialty/Novelty Community: 1st: Gymagine Gymnastics, 2nd: Kamiak Cheer, 3rd: Pirates of Treasure Island

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